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The Founder's Story

In 1996, Xenna Founder, Carol J. Buck, started making her personal care products that today are sold across the country to millions.

Carol had begun experimenting with a natural curl relaxer to tame her frizzy hair, which she successfully launched in Walgreens. Her hair relaxer research led to an in-depth understanding of keratin protein as well as how to create a successful retail brand and patent her discoveries.

Since toenails and fingernails are comprised of keratin Carol then did testing on family members and discovered that another formulation could clear toenails of keratin debris, the unsightly, discolored build-up under nails. Branded NonyX® Nail Gel for Clear, Healthy-looking Nails, this discovery put Xenna on the map. The company’s success grew as Xenna added Callex® Ointment for Smooth, Soft Feet in 2004 at several major chain retailers, select grocery stores and independent pharmacies. Today, Xenna continues to develop new products for skin, hair and nails.

Carol Buck

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