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The Founder's Story

In 1996, Xenna Founder, Carol J. Buck, M.I.A., began developing personal care products that today are sold across the country to millions.  With  business experience in advertising, consumer product marketing and pharmaceutical consulting, she had the knowledge base to launch her own company.

Her first product was a natural curl relaxer which successfully sold in Walgreens for several years. Her hair relaxer research led to an in-depth understanding of the protein keratin and opened the door to other applications.  Because toenails and fingernails are comprised of keratin Carol realized, and later clinically proved, that another formulation would clear nails of keratin debris, the unsightly, discoloring build-up under nails where nail fungus thrives.  Branded NONYX® Fungal Nail Clarifying Gel, this discovery put Xenna on the retail map. The company’s success grew as Xenna added NONYX for Polished Nails in 2016.  Today, Xenna continues to develop new products for skin, feet and nails. Ms. Buck is also a mamber of the Women Presidents' Organization, the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and the Diversity Alliance for Science.

Carol Buck

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