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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of our Frequently Asked Questions for NonyX Nail Gel and Callex Ointment. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us.

NonyX Nail Gel

What is the shelf life of Nonyx Nail Gel? And how do I determine the age of the bottle of Nonyx Nail Gel I purchased?

Nonyx has a shelf life of 3 years. There is a manufacturing date code on the underside of the bottle. The first 2 numbers of this code are the last two digits of the year it was made. For example, 17 = 2017. The next three digits of the code represent the sequential day of that year. So, for example, 278 would be October, 5th. This bottle was made on October 5, 2017.

What is keratin debris?

Keratin debris is the white, yellow or brown hard, granular build-up that you see on or under your toenail or fingernail. Keratin debris build-up can cause your nail to separate from the nail bed.

How long will it take to get out the keratin debris?

Expect to see good results within 5 to 9 months as your nail grows out. Based on a clinical study, smaller nails may be clear in as little as three months. You may be able to start scraping out any softened keratin debris in 3 to 6 weeks.  For fastest results apply Nonyx Gel twice a day, morning and night, especially after bathing. (Keep in mind that it takes about 21 days to make a new habit.) 

How long do you have to wait before you put on socks after you apply the product? Won't the socks absorb the gel and basically significantly reduce the effectiveness of each application?

Surprisingly, you do not have to wait for NonyX Nail Gel to dry before putting on your socks. There will be enough gel left on your nail  - despite some smearing off  - to continue the process of removing the keratin debris on and in your nail. Also the gel on your sock over your nails will support this process throughout the day.

Where can I buy NonyX?

Click here.

Can I use NonyX on my child's nails?

You can use NonyX on your child if they are old enough (5 or older) to understand not to put their toenails or fingernails near their eyes or get the gel in their eyes, as NonyX is an eye irritant. You should apply the gel yourself and keep it out of reach of your child when not in use.

What is ethanoic acid?

The ethanoic acid in NonyX is the exfoliant of keratin debris. Ehtanoic acid used in NonyX breaks down only the keratin debris. It has no effect on your normal nail plate. The ethanoic acid in NonyX Nail Gel is made from fermented corn and wheat with water added.

I like to wear nail polish. How can I use NonyX?

If you wear nail polish, you can purchase NonyX BASECOAT, which is formulated to work under nail polish.

What can I do to speed results, especially if progress seems to be slowing down?

Here are two things you can do to speed up results:
  1. Be sure that your bottle is not more than three years old. The first 2 digits stamped on the underside of the bottle represent the year (for example, 13311 = made in 2013) the gel was made. If your bottle is more than 3 years old, it is best to purchase a new one.

  2. Scrape out keratin debris from under the nail tip just once a week. Use a manicure tool that is made for cleaning under the nail tip. Dedicate this tool to your toenails. Overly aggressive or too-
    frequent scraping out of the keratin debris can slow-down the process.

Does NONYX Nail Gel expire?

Nonyx is best when used within 2.5 years after manufacture. The manufacturing date is coded with an inked number on the underside of the bottle. The year of manufacture is the first two numbers, e.g., 15, 16 or 17. The day of manufacture are the next three numbers as the sequential day of the year. Continuing to use NONYX after 2.5 years is not harmful, but less efficient.

Why does my Nonyx Gel seem more liquid than before?

There are two reasons that Nonyx Gel would become more watery:  The bottle is old and the gel has expired or the bottle is too warm.  Check the manufacturing date on the underside of the Nonyx bottle.  If the first 2 digits are 15 or a lower number, your bottle has expired.  If the bottle is kept in a sunny area, put it in the refrigerator for an hour and then keep it in a cooler location.  The watery consistency should turn to gel again.

Nonyx Fungal Nail Clarifying Basecoat for Polished Nails

What is keratin debris?  

Keratin debris is the white, yellow or brown  discoloration or granular build-up that you see on or under your toenail or fingernail. If thick, keratin debris build-up can cause your nail to separate from the nail bed. Keratin debris is the habitat and food supply of nail fungus.

How long will it take to get out the keratin debris using Nonyx Basecoat?  

If only the top edges of your nails look discolored or thicker, it should take 3 to 5 months to see results, depending on how fast your nails grow. The softened keratin debris can usually start to be scraped away in 3 to 6 weeks.

My nail polish is chipping faster than before. Why is this?  

Some nail polishes, especially those that are inexpensive or beyond their normal shelf life, will not adhere to Nonyx Basecoat as well as the higher-end polishes and ones that are fresh. Try a different nail polish brand if you experience chipping or wear that is more than normal.  

How can men use Nonyx Basecoat?

Men can apply Nonyx Basecoat in the same way and seal it with a clear nail polish or a matte clear polish which is completely invisible on the nail. Without some type of polish over Nonyx Basecoat it will wash off. Men and children need to use a clear polish!  

Can I use Nonyx Basecoat on my child’s nails?  

You can use Nonyx Basecoat on your child’s nails if he/she is 5 years of age or older. The basecoat and topcoat should be applied by an adult and changed weekly. While wet, Nonyx Basecoat is an eye irritant, so keep it out of reach of your child when not in use. NonyX is non-toxic. 

What is ethanoic acid?  

Nonyx Fungal Nail Clarifying Gel contains the exfoliant, ethanoic acid, which selectively exfoliates keratin debris.

Is Nonyx Basecoat an antifungal?  

Because it has the same ingredients as regular Nonyx, Nonyx Basecoat clears out keratin debris where the fungus lives in the nail.  It is not an antifungal, however, because it does not attack the fungus directly – rather, it removes its life-support (keratin debris - the food supply and habitat of the fungus).  As the keratin debris is exfoliated over time, the fungus goes with it.