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Clears your nails by removing yellowing or darkening keratin debris.

Moisturizes AND exfoliates in one application. Enriched with fast-acting enzymes and natural peppermint oil.

Breaks down and removes discoloring keratin debris under toenails and fingernails.

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  • NonyX

    NonyX Nail Gel

    Clears out discoloring keratin debris under the nail. Apply to dark or yellowed nails.

    NonyX ½ Travel Bottle
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    Refill from your full-size NonyX® whenever you need it on the road! Fits neatly into a one quart bag.
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  • NonyX

    Callex Ointment

    Callex Ointment thins and softens hardened skin and exfoliates dry, cracked heels.

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Xenna develops and distributes quality foot care products

Xenna Corporation develops and distributes innovative footcare products including NonyX Nail Gel for Clear, Healthy-looking Nails and CalleX Ointment for Smooth, Soft Heels.

  • Not tested on animals
  • Free of animal by-products
  • Naturally-derived ingredients
  • Recyclable packaging
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