Before-and-After photos:

Curlaway does a nice job of
refreshing perms
BEFORE - partially straightened using chemical relaxer AFTER - results when finished with a flat iron styler


Results before using a flat iron or hot curlers. Results after using a flat iron on medium heat.
Before After
Before After
Before - partially
relaxed hair
After Curlaway treatment
and styling with flat iron
Before - Natural curl Midway - finished with curlers
under hood bonnet - Medium Curl
After - with a blow dryer
and brush - Straight
Before - virgin hair After 1 or 2 jars (one month) - styled with a hair gel only
Before After one treatment & blow dry
An example of African American hair before and after using Curlaway.
Below is a before and after comparison which shows the results of using Curlaway ONLY ONCE, followed by a roller set under the dryer.
Before After - set on rollers under hood drier
Before After
Before After
Before After