Curlaway® Hair Relaxer is free of harsh alkaline chemicals.

It relaxes all hair types with very gentle ingredients and natural conditioners.

Curlaway safely reduces your curl gradually and adds softness and manageability.

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Curlaway Chemical Free Curl Relaxer gradually removes curl and eliminates frizz
without damaging your hair. With Curlaway you control how much curl to remove and get the
easy to manage style you want, be it S-curls,
ringlets, wavy, full and loose curls or
completely straight. Para leer sobre Curlaway en español, haga clic aquí.

  • Gently relaxes without harsh chemicals or breakage
  • Semi-Permanent
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What Curlaway Users are saying

  • "This product is great. No more cries for my young daughter and not to mention how much more beautiful her hair is." P.L., Eunice, LA
  • "I was blown away by this product!!! I saw your product(Curlaway) on the website a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed that it was not a chemical relaxer. My hair had been overprocessed and broke off so I stopped using relaxers and went natural for almost a year. The texture of my hair was driving me crazy because I couldn't control, comb or style it... Then I decided to give your product a try. I will admit I was a little hesitant at first to do the overnight treatment but I said you only live once so I bit the bullet and did it. My hair was so much more softer and manageable. When I blow dried and pressed my hair, it was so much more silkier and softer than before. You have definitely made a believer out of me!!! I will continue to use more of this product until my hair becomes super straight. Thank you for making a product that does not harm the hair but enhances it. Also, I love the smell of this product even though I have read complaints about it. I'll take the smell of apples over a harsh relaxer any day!!! No more relaxers for me, ever!!! You have a longtime customer now. I hope you will be able to distribute your product(Curlaway) into other retail outlets in the future. I know this will catch on as more people look for more natural products for their hair needs. Again, Thank You..." E.O., posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.
  • I was soooo pleased with this product! I loved it. … it worked wonders on the first attempt. I left it in for seven or eight hours. I smoothed it in with a comb or my hands every two or three hours. .. When I prepared to blowdry I used a little bit of the dab i had left on each section of my hair, .. and the finishing results were definitely like that of a chemical relaxer just without all the scalp irritation. …a couple of days later i just applied root stimulators deep conditioning creme after shampooing and let it sit in for about 30 minutes. then I applied a dab to sections and it blowdryed soft and beautifully! …I am a sophomore in college right now and I feel like if I continue to use this product for the next three years I will be able to cut off any remaining chemically relaxed hair, and have a nice length of chemical free relaxed hair so that I may be completely natural and comfortable with wearing my hair naturally kinky or wavy. I guess I have several options with this product! Thanks again for such a wonderful creation! =) J.M.J., Durham, NC as posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc..
  • "I will be a Curlaway user for life. I tried it on top of my bleached hair (YES BLEACHED) and living in the humid climate of Florida, and to my pleasent surprise I look hot. My hair is in better condition after a single use than it was before the Curlaway relaxer. My hair is very coarse, thick, and hard to manage and any relaxer, lye or non lye would cause breakage. I was at the point of cutting it off, because after letting it grow out, the hot comb, or flat iron just would not keep it straight. After doing my hair I went to the gym and worked out, yes, perspiration all in my head, and my hair still looks very fantastic. I plan to continue using the product for even better and longer lasting results. This stuff is MAGIC I would not lie to you. I'm so impressed I'm writting a testimonial something I've NEVER done for any product the entire 48 years of my life so it must be good. When I initially applied the product there was an instant change as I combed it through. I went from hardly being able to pull the comb through my hair to where I felt I the hair relax and become silken and that's how simple it was. I would recommend this product to any one, especially the skeptic.....IT REALLY WORKS!" Arlene, posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.
  • "My daughter is biracial and I know I have spent well over $1,000 for numerous hair products and services. Her hair has a very,very tight curl pattern but a fine texture and mega thick. I read about this product in a review section for a flat iron I ordered for her. We absolutley love Curlaway!!!! …. Curlaway is definitely the answer!!

    It works wonderfully with her hair texture and doesn't cause any breakage or dryness. We have used both types of applications, with the overnight and just working it through her before blow drying. Both applications work, although I think the overnight or leaving it on 6-8 hours works best. I can only wonder how long her hair would be by now if I had only known about this product years ago.It's been over a year since I put a relaxer in her hair and it's never been healthier! Finally, she is getting her hair to the desired length.

    We also get much better results with the ceramic flat iron after using the Curlaway. The smell takes some getting used to but, it's worth it for the great results. Her hair is soooo thick I wish the product came in a larger quantity.

    I'm going to call my local Walgreens and see if they will order it for me because we will never go without it!!! There are honestly not many products on the market that will work for all hair types. I would definitely recommend this for anyone biracial as it gives the results you want and need to make your hair manageable without the use of … chemical relaxers. I just placed an order and when we get it I will post before and after pics. I know there are alot of mothers of biracial kids out there that just have no knowledge of hair or what in the world to use in their childrens hair and this is it! So thanks for the great product and for making it easier to manage my daughters hair and for her happy smile as she flips the comb through her hair with ease!" J.H., as posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity, Inc.
  • "This is my second time ordering Curlaway. I must say that when I read the stories online I was so skeptical. I didn't believe it until I used it. "Oh my God" I was so pleased. I can't believe that this is my hair without a relaxer. It has totally and completely transformed my hair. My hair is soft, smooth, detangles with little or no effort. I never felt this way with a relaxer. I always felt that my hair was thinned out after a chemical relaxer. I am living proof that It works. I am relaxer free for 16 weeks now and loving it. Thank you so much Curlaway. I wish it was in more stores like Wal-mart or something. " Sharifah, Franklin Park, NJ
  • "I am at last a BELIEVER. My hair had a last relaxer perm six months ago. I started off with 3 inches new growth and 5 inches permed hair. My hair is bushy, awful to comb and has lots of frizz if left to it's own devices. I can blow dry my hair straight with a leave in conditioner but 3 minutes of heat and humidity and why did I waste my time...I am right back to square one! The first and second treatments I saw a very minimal improvement. After the third treatment I used olive oil as my leave-in and after blow drying I used the flat iron and there was no denying my hair improvement. The sheen and texture were impressive. I got five treatments out of my first jar and ALL my hair is in noticeably better condition. It also holds a curl with hot curler longer. It took me 10 days of every other day treatments (2 overnights and three 4-6 hour treatments. I was not always sure it was working either. I ordered 2 more jars. I now want to know how to transition to letting my hair dry without applying heat and just gettin curls/waves following initial application of Curlaway. My advice take your time, you will get there despite the somewhat unpleasant odor. Try out a couple of options increase or decrease heat setting on appliances or add an oil treatment. My hair looks and feels superb. The Chicago heat, humidity and wind are no match for my hair. No more perms for me. I will get my husband to take a picture--if I can get his hands out of my hair :) after I finish my next jar." Bonnie B-G... a recovering hair abuser in Carol Stream, IL (Posted on KudosWorks)
  • "I love this product. I have naturally curly/kinky type 3 hair and I wanted something that would help me with the frizz. This product practically straightened my hair the first application. It has been 5 days since I flat ironed it and its still straight. I can't wait to see what happens after the next application this weekend. It's great to be able to go straight for a few days without permanently altering my hair. I love my natural texture, but I like the ability to change it up from time to time. After all, "I am not my hair". Thanks so much!!!" I Posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.
  • "I am Hispanic and between two races. I don't have kinky hair but still very curly, even more since I have been using chemical relaxers on it, (almost 20 years), and now it is really damaged. I'm programming to grow my natural hair and started using Curlaway a week ago when I found out about this product. I'm glad to say that, even though my hair is still curly, because I have just used Curlaway twice, there is a real change in it. I can comb my hair easier than ever before and now, even the ends, (chemically treated), are becoming healthy. The breakage now is minimun. I would like to have the product sold everywhere. Thanks Curlaway!!!!!!!!!!" Barbara, Miami, FL by email
  • "I absolutely am in love this product! No more chemical relaxers for me. Yes it will take some time to see the difference but take my word that its worth the wait. My new growth is the softest is has ever been and my hair all over feels stronger looks healthier and is resistant to humidity. Flat ironing my hair has become so simple I don't even go to the hair dressor anymore. I just ordered two more.... Can't wait to see what my hair looks like this summer. I'm tellin all my relaxed friends about this product.Thank you curlaway for this wonderful product." K. S., New York, NY
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